Customer Surveys and

Net Promoter Score®

Garage Hive has a built-in customers survey function, utilising the NPS methodology or your own questions, allowing you to truly understand your customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

  • Completely integrated.

  • Automated SMS and Email feedback requests.

  • Live customer insights within documents.

  • Detailed Power BI reports.

  • Job Sheet feedback analysis.

  • Net Promoter Score or Custom Surveys

Easily understand your company Net Promoter Score with our Power BI dashboards
Power BI 1.PNG
Create your own surveys and ask any question you would like. 
Power BI 2.PNG
Drill down into the detail, understand the feedback on each Job Sheet. 
Power BI 3.PNG
View open rates, completion rates and completed surveys over time.
View Live Customer Insights from any documents, understand how your customers feel about you whilst interacting with them.
Live Insights.PNG
Access previous surveys and answers from any document. 
Survey History.PNG
Survey Answers.PNG
New Surveys will appear on your home page in a tile, ready to review. 
Mark surveys and reviewed and record any actions taken. 
Surveys to reviews.PNG
View NPS groups from your customer list. 
Customer List.PNG