Garage Hive is a cloud based management system specifically designed with multi-location independent garages & field based services in mind.

There are multiple modules included with Garage Hive the are designed to assist in the running of your business, not just your workshops. These modules include a built-in centralised accountancy package, advanced business intelligence reports, customer relationship management and much more.


Garage Hive has been built from the ground up with multi-location workshops in mind. 

The features tailored specifically for multi-location are:

  • Location and department based schedules and bookings

  • Ability to create bookings for branches from head office

  • Location based reporting and cost allocation

  • Central customer and vendor database

  • Ability to switch between locations immediately

  • Support for relief staff available at multiple locations

  • Multiple stock locations and inter-company stock tranfers

  • Centralised accountancy system

  • Centralised vehicle and service history

  • Powerful multi-location reporting tools including technician reporting

  • Easy to add additional locations

  • Reduces cost for expansions

Easily switch locations on the schedule
View KPIs across locations or regions
Search stock across current or all locations
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Business Intelligence with Power BI

Garage Hive's reports are designed in such a way that you can easily view your metrics across all your locations and compare KPIs at a glance. See revenue, labour sales and gross profit updated hourly.

Try clicking on a branch on the below report to filter the report to that specific branch

Multi-location introduces a unique problem - you have to trust your employees to perform at their best when you are away from their location. The only way to sustain a high efficiency in your absence is to introduce accountability across your business. Garage Hive makes it simple to track how well utilised your staff are by your managers and you can monitor the recovery rate of each individual technician. 

Try clicking on a branch or technician on the below report to filter the report to that specific branch or technician

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Centralised accounts with
Multi-location accounting

Your accounts process doesn't need to be complicated. Garage Hive is built on Microsoft Dynamics and at it's core is an extremely powerful accountancy system. All transactions made in Garage Hive appear directly on your ledgers, from one branch to a thousand branches - the process doesn't change. 

Some specific multi-location accountancy features are:

  • Purchase orders are posted directly to the purchase ledger as invoices

  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reporting by branch or region

  • Automatic bank reconciliation and online bank feeds

  • Central customer and vendor database

  • Simple cost allocations across branches

  • Easily monitor card and cash payments by location

  • Sales and purchase invoices appear immediately in the accounts

  • Free login for your accountant

  • Cost of goods sold accounting and live stock system

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