A Community-Driven Software - Garage Hive

We aren't joking when we make this claim, Garage Hives rapid growth and increasing success is because we listen to our community and respond to its needs. After all it's only natural that we listen to the industry experts - our users.

We truly believe our community and our commitment to listen is what separates us from our competition. We are rapidly moving towards 100 active members of our community page, these members are like minded, forward thinking business owners and users of Garage Hive.

Discussions range from development ideas, operations and accountancy advice, power BI and reporting ideas, live video streams, support queries and much more. We have had over 3000 comments in 6 months and a staggering 66 posts with over 690 comments in the last 28 days.

As a result of listening to our community so closely - we are rapidly adding features, to see the impressive list of additional features since January 2019 visit our documentation site

If you are an existing user of the software make sure you join our community here - Garage Hive Facebook Community Group - The group is exclusive to our users.

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