Introducing the new "Action Bar" in Business Central

Our developers have been hard at work preparing for the upgrade to Business Central. We have completely re-designed our action bar (previously known as ribbon), added lots of features and removed lots of the options not frequently used based on our communities feedback. Our aim is to make the action bar options consistent and logical for all documents and pages.

The action bar for a jobsheet now has 7 categories


  • Schedule

  • Copy Document

  • Split Document

  • Add Resources to Lines

  • Create Estimate


  • Take Payment

  • Post

  • Post and Print

  • Post and Email


  • Create Purchase Order(s)

  • Confirmation Workshop

  • Update Item Prices

  • Transfer Orders


  • Service Package

  • Maintenance

  • Repair Times

  • Update Vehicle Data by VRM

  • MOT History

  • Vehicle History


  • Print Job Card

  • Print Proforma Invoice

  • Email Invoice

  • Print GDPR Consent Form

  • Send SMS


  • Show Vehicle Inspection

  • Customer Card

  • Customer Comments

  • Vehicle Card

  • Vehicle Comments

  • Schedule Allocation Entries

  • Time Reg. Entries

Show Attached

  • Document Pictures

  • Vehicle Pictures

  • Notes

  • Links

These action bar categories can be found on all similar documents, such as estimates, VHCs, inspections and return jobsheets.

We would love to hear your feedback on the Facebook community page.