Major Platform Update Preview ⏩📺

Garage Hive is the leading Garage Management Software (GMS) in the UK and Ireland. It is built on a platform called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For our users, this means periodically the system will receive updates to the platform that are developed by Microsoft, such as improvements in speed, stability, and new features.

We are extremely excited to release details of some of the features coming to Garage Hive as a result of our upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 wave 1.

Watch the video below to see some of the new features and improvements in action.

Find a list of some of the new features of the platform below.

  1. Full keyboard shortcut support.

  2. ALT+F2 Will now toggle the Factbox

  3. CTRL+Delete will delete document lines

  4. CTRL+Insert will insert a new document line above.

  5. Plus many more available below.

2. Introduction of focus mode. From any document you can press the focus mode button to expand the document lines to full screen, adding more room to quickly add document lines.

3. In the top right-hand corner you can now see when documents have auto-saved.

4. Added the ability to explore your role centre, giving a new way to navigate Garage Hive.

5. No more loading screens when scrolling through large lists of data.

6. No more loading times when opening documents.

7. Added the ability to save filtered lists. Create any combination of a filtered list and save it as a view, meaning next time you view that list you can pick from the pre-defined views you previously created.

8. Added the ability to bookmark pages which will add a shortcut from the homepage of the current role centre.

9. Added the ability to resize columns on any document.

10. Added multi-tab support. Working in multiple tabs will no longer cause session/timeout issues.

11. Added the ability to pop out the current document you are working on into a new browser window.

12. Added the ability to personalise any screen or documents in Garage Hive. This gives you the ability to do the following

  1. Add or remove cells on documents

  2. Change position of cells on documents

  3. Move cells to "Show More"

  4. Change order of columns

  5. Add or remove columns

  6. Export and Import personalised profiles.

  7. plus much more

All of the above is just a fraction of the new features arriving with the new Business Central 16 platform update. Look out for more previews soon.

We hope you are as excited as we are 😃

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