What do all the tiles mean in Garage Hive?

From the home screen of the service advisor role centre in Garage Hive, you will see lots of tiles, these tiles are designed to give you a brief overview of your business and also prompt you to take action if a document requires it.

From this screen shot, we can see that this particular service advisor has 4 tasks to complete.

There is one jobsheet complete, this is essentially the same as the technician handing the jobsheet back over to you, it doesn't necessarily mean that the vehicle is ready for collection - for example, the technician could be asking for more time, additional parts or he has just completed part of the job and the rest needs assigning to another technician. We can also see that there is vehicle inspection has been completed by a technician and is awaiting confirmation. From the awaiting confirmation state, a service advisor can decided whether or not they want to raise an estimate. We also have a red VHC tile and a red Estimate tile - both are currently set to awaiting authorisation. This means that the estimates are complete but we still haven't received authorisation for various reasons. We also recently introduced the ability to filter the tiles per service advisor, you can learn more about that feature by watching the following video.

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