What's New Feb '19 Roundup

As always our development was working closely with the Garage Hive community and is proud to present what's new in Feb 2019. There are a short video and description below.

1 - Added optional “Awaiting Parts” and "Awaiting Authorisation" tile to Service Advisors role centre.

2 - Enhanced the ability to modify Resource Time Registration Entries, added the ability to modify start time as well as total time spent. You can read more about it from here - https://docs.garagehive.co.uk/docs/garagehive-time-registration-entries.html

3 - Added “Vehicle staying overnight” feature, allowing Service Advisors to mark vehicles as staying overnight - populating a tile on the technician's devices.

4 - Added the option of displaying the bill-to-customer or sell-to-customer on an invoice, this is particularly useful when you have Fleet customers or offer finance to customers.

5 - Created a warning for vehicles with VRM integrity issues, allowing users to override data import.

6 - Added ability to create work description templates.

7 - Added a “Schedule of Work” document, allowing users to print a non-financial document for Fleet Companies.

8 - Added extra fields to the “Brake Section” of a vehicle card.

9 - Added ability to automatically clock out users at the end of day at a specified time.

10 - Added SMS and Email preview functionality to customer notification setup (Reminders) View our video guide for Customer Notifications here

11 - Added ability to refresh MOT data from MOT Notification bar in the Jobsheet

12- Added BHP VRM Data to Vehicle Card

Our developers are continually listening to the community and improving the software. Please check back in a couple of weeks for the 1st roundup of March.