What's New Jan '19 part I

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Please find a list of the developments created in Garage Hive app over the last couple of weeks

1 - Email notifications now available for users to receive upon completion of a vehicle inspection.

2 - Added Tyre pressures, oil spec, oil capacity and more to the vehicle card.

3 - Improved access to the vehicle card from the technicians devices, including short cuts to engine details and tyres, wheels & brakes.

4 - Added the ability to adjust the default quantity of an item added to a jobsheet.

5 - Added the ability to adjust the time registration entries of technicians, correcting incorrect clocking information for work times, idle times, jobsheet times & break time.

6 - Improved the service ledger entries, renamed to vehicle history & added the ability to recall previous jobsheets based on the service ledger entries.

7 - Added the ability for technicians to access the vehicle history from their jobsheet and added the ability for technicians to search the history.

8 - Added the ability to access the jobsheet from a related open purchase order, as well as the ability to open an associated jobsheet from a posted purchase invoice.

9 - Adding additional parts to an open purchase order will now ask if you also want to add the new parts to the associated jobsheet.

Our developers are constantly listening to the community and improving the software. Please check back in a couple of weeks for the 2nd roundup of January.