What's New in Garage Hive - Autumn '20 Roundup

During October our main focus was the rollout of our platform update, we are now pleased to announce that all of our customers were upgraded successfully and are now benefitting from the new platform features.

This Autumn Roundup contains all of the additional features we added during October and November, in addition to the new platform features (Found here - https://www.garagehive.co.uk/post/major-platform-update-preview)

TCard Major Update

  • Full TCard customisation

  • Tooltips and tooltip customisation

  • TCard priority/ordering

  • Easy clocking integration

Learn more about our TCard features in this video below.

Checklist Major Update

  • Introduced a new checklist type - Quality Control

  • Added a new jobsheet tile - “Requires QC”

  • Added the ability to automatically create a checklist on jobsheet creation, depending on the service type and customer group

  • Added the ability to automatically create a checklist on technician allocation completion, depending on the service type and customer group

  • Added a jobsheet notification for service advisors when there are vehicle inspections awaiting confirmation.

  • Added a jobsheet notification for technicians when there are incomplete checklists associated with the jobsheet they are viewing.

  • Added the ability to view all associated checklists within the jobsheet. We have also moved the “Create Vehicle Inspection” to the submenu.

  • Added a warning to technicians when clocking off a job if they haven’t completed all checklists attached to the jobsheet.

Power BI Update

  • Added System Information Report

  • Added a date selection summary report

  • Added VI-Estimate & Estimate reminder report

Additional Changes

  • Added a jobsheet complete tile, for jobsheets that are in-between allocation complete and ready for collection

  • Phone number 2, Mobile number 2, Customer Contact Notes and the ability to add multiple email addresses to a Jobsheet & Customer Card

  • Add a new popup window on allocation completion for technicians that haven’t “Tech Confirmed” all labours and items. You can now also "Confirm All" lines.

  • Added bulk SMS to Jobsheet list

  • Service Advisor codes on Jobsheets and now synchronised with checklists

  • Customer Self check-in photos can now be made optional to the end user

  • Added the option to email a pro-forma invoice from a jobsheet

  • Added bank import for AIB Allied Irish Bank

We hope you find these updates useful and we look forward to your feedback.

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