What's New in Garage Hive - February '20 Roundup

February was an exciting month for community requested features, the team managed to deliver two great features in particular, find out more below.

1. Added the ability to automatically insert service packages to documents based on service type.

2. Added "Comments for Attention" feature, allowing comments made by advisors and technicians to populate a red tile on the service advisor role centre.

3. Post and Print will now automatically prompt the users to Take Payment if payment hasn't already been applied to the document and there are no payment terms.

4. Added Vehicle Sales web services for a Vehicle Sales Power BI App.

5. Added the option to have Irish and UK VRM lookups working at the same time.

6. VI-Estimates created from jobsheets that have a service advisor assigned to them will automatically be assigned to the same service advisor.

7. Added VRM data for Weight, Height, Width, and Length to vehicle cards.

8. Added the ability to refresh VRM data from the vehicle list

9. Added phone numbers to the customer lookup page

10. You can now display labour line discounts even when hiding the unit price and quantity.

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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