What's New in Garage Hive - January '20 Roundup

It was a great start to the new year for Garage Hive with the release of our Vehicle Sales module and some great improvements to our online booking system.

1. Added a Vehicle Sales module.

  • Added Vehicle Sales Administrator role centre

  • Vehicle Sales Invoices - Video

  • Vehicle Purchase Invoices - Video

  • Vehicle Stock ReportVehicle Reservations - Video

  • VAT Margin Scheme

  • Internal Preparation Jobsheets - Video

2. Add Vehicle Production Year and First Registration Date to the FactBox.

3. Added Comments (Extended) to Jobsheets, Estimates and VI-Estimates - Learn more here

4. Added the ability to print Comments.

5. Added Service Package filtering to Jobsheets, Estimates and VI-Estimates

6. Added Customer arrival date/arrival Time field to Jobsheets, this is useful if it's different from the booking date/time.

7. Added Mobile Phone Number, Phone Number & Email Address to posted jobsheet list.

8. Added “Safety Inspection” due date to vehicle cards and customer reminders.

9. Updated Xero API to work with oAuth 2.0 - Learn more here

10. Made several improvements to the Online Booking module

  • Added ability to disable the expected time of a booking

  • Added the ability to add a Google Analytics ID to Embed

  • Added “Price From” option to service packages

  • Added Make filters to service package versions

  • Added “Conditions” feature to service package versions

  • Added the ability to make service packages additions only

  • Added the ability to hide prices online

  • Copy Service Package version line now also copies the conditions

As always, we look forward to your feedback.

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