What's New in Garage Hive - July '19 Roundup

The detailed release notes can be viewed here

Here is a quick list of some of the features we introduced in July.

1. Added the ability to view Autodata Oil and Lubraicant information on Jobsheets, Estmates and Vehicle Inspections.

2. Added the ability to send booking confirmations to customers.

3. Added the ability to attach relevant branch information to booking reminders and booking confirmations.

4. Added support for Sage Cloud Accounting (Sage One)

5. Add a "Pop out" window for technicians inspections, making it easier for them to write large amounts of text.

6. Added the ability to attach signatures to Vehicle Inspections.

7. Added the ability to filter vehicle lists by MOT and Service expiry dates and to those vehicles that are not booked in for an MOT or Service.

8. Added the ability for technicians to create jobsheets from their devices.

9. Added the ability to attach documents to jobsheets, vehicle cards, customer cards and purchase orders.

10. Added a Jobsheets Total tile.

11. Added the ability for technicians to view their allocated time, spent time and remaining allocated time.

12. Added the ability to import PLEO bank statements for bank reconciliation.

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