What's New in Garage Hive - June '19 Roundup

The detailed release notes can be viewed here

Here is a quick list of some of the features we introduced in June

1. Autodata Beta Test Release to all Garage Hive customers for the month of June.

2. Added the ability to set the priority on VHC lines for operational and reporting purposes.

3. Add the available hours from the schedule statistics to the home page of the schedule & added the "day" to the schedule.

  • Admin staff standard events no longer effect the available hours.

4. Improved the line checker on a Jobsheet

  • Added a “Line Check” warning when labour resources haven’t been added or equal 100%

  • Added a “Line Check” warning when line amount is 0 or less

  • Added a "Line Check" warning when the item is out of stock

  • “Line Check” is now clickable and will display a warning message related to the check

5. Added a "Statistics" button to jobsheets allowing you to view the follow.

  • Clocked Hours per tech

  • Total Clocked Hours

  • Total Labour Quantity

  • Gross Profit

  • Labour Sales

  • Item Sales

  • Item Costs

  • Item Margin

6. Introduced creation date fields for vehicles and customers for reporting purposes and data exports.

7. Added "Extended Statuses" to Purchase Orders.

8. Introduced Non-Inventory Items

9. The booking date of a jobsheet now appears immediately on creation.

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