Features to help with the COVID-19 crisis - What's New in Garage Hive - March '20 Roundup 📺

March was an interesting month, to say the least. We hope that you are all coping OK considering the current circumstances.

During March we delivered many requested features but focused heavily on the requests by our community to help tackle the challenges all garages are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. These features include Bulk SMS a MailChimp export, a payment plan features and a new online booking feature with more in the pipeline.

Find out more below.

1. Added the ability to apply a payment plan to Jobsheets, Estimates and VI-Estimates. You can read more about this feature here - https://www.garagehive.co.uk/post/improve-conversion-rates-by-offering-your-customers-a-finance-plan

2. Added the original Jobsheet Value to Vehicle Inspection Estimates.

3. Added the ability to filter the vehicle list by last visit date.

4. Added Key Numbers to Purchase Orders and the Purchase Order list.

5. Added Business Insights to all service advisor role centre, allowing you to view the service chart for daily/weekly revenue.

6. Added the ability to create Vehicle Inspection Text templates.

You can also search for Vehicle Inspection text templates.

7. Added additional VAT information to sales invoices.

8. Added a Bulk-SMS feature (Reduced SMS price by 50% for March, April and May)

9. Added a MailChimp export

10. Added a Covid-19 online booking feature, allowing customers to book online without a specific date selected.

11. Added the ability to print comments on Estimates and VI-Estimates.

We would also like to thank our customers for their continued support and re-iterate our commitment to helping in every way that we can.

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