What's New in Garage Hive - Spring 2021 Roundup

With the warmer weather now finally upon us, it's time for our Spring roundup. As usual, our development team has been hard at work over the last 3 months; please find the details of what's new below.

March 2021

  • MOT lookup now works for Norther Ireland vehicles

  • Mileage entered onto checklists will automatically be added to jobsheets

  • Posting a jobsheet will now automatically complete any in-progress technician allocations

  • Extended comments will now print on vehicle sales invoices

  • Added the ability to automatically create and post an internal purchase invoice when posting an internal jobsheet

  • Added the ability to take customer deposits

  • Added the ability to print/email payment receipts

  • Added the ability to report on booking creation dates in Power BI

April 2021

  • Improved the date selection for online booking on mobile devices

  • Added vehicle registrations to Purchase Order printouts

  • Added the take payment features to vehicle sales invoices

  • Added NPS Score Gauge to customer cards/customer lists factbox

  • Introduced a QC awaiting confirmation tile to service advisor role centres

  • Introduced a new report that allows users to see customers/vehicles that have had MOT reminders but haven't yet booked in

May 2021

  • Added transmission type to service document factbox

  • Improved the checklist UI for technicians; the textbox will now expand as the technicians are typing.

  • You can now refresh the MOT date from within a jobsheet

  • Added the ability to write off deposits are profit

  • Improved the Comments for Attention tile; this now works with all service documents, including Estimate and Vehicle Inspection Estimates

  • Improved the way in which vehicle reminders are set from jobsheets

  • Introduced the concept of labour types, allowing labour cards to be assigned to particular vehicle reminder dates

Made several significant improvements to the vehicle sales module

  • Vehicle Sales Orders

  • Vehicle Sales Deposits

  • Part Exchanges

  • Request Payments Online

Added Several Vehicle Sales Reports to Power BI

  • Monthly Trends

  • Weekly/Monthly Analysis

  • Stock Lists

  • Purchase/Source Analysis Sales Persons Analysis

June 2021

  • Added the ability to filter service packages by vehicle models

  • Added the ability to have a separate description for service packages that are visible in online booking

  • Added the ability to request deposits and account payments online

We hope you enjoy these updates and features; please ask in the community forums if you have any questions. Thank you.

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