What's New in Garage Hive - Winter 2020/2021 Roundup

With spring officially here, it's time for our winter roundup. Our development team has been busy at work over the last 3 months, please find details of some of the improvements and additional features below.

31st December 2020

  • Introduced a Take Payment wizard, this wizard simplifies the payment application process. The Take Payment wizard can be accessed from the home page of the service advisor role centre.

  • Added the ability to fix the line amount on a Service Package. When changing the quantity of an item such as oil, the line amount will remain fixed and the unit price will be automatically adjusted.

  • Added Vehicle Registration Number to Jobsheets Attention tile list

  • Added Customer Category as a condition in Service Packages

  • Added the ability to copy service packages versions to new or existing Service Packages

  • Added the USER ID column to customer notification entries

  • A jobsheet will no longer release if it fails to post

31st January 2021

  • Updated some of the literature used from the customers perspective in online booking

  • Added the ability to make a service package in online booking “Morning Drop-Off" only

  • Customers booking online will now have the earliest time slot available automatically selected

  • Added Vehicle weight to service package conditions

  • Added Engine code to service package conditions

  • Added Transmission type to service package conditions

  • Added Extended Status to purchase return orders

  • When items are created, the item card will no longer open

  • Added the ability to update the Item Descriptions from documents to the Item card

  • Added “Item Price Groups” concept, allowing very detailed Markups rules, such as rim size

  • Added the ability to filter customer statements by Branch dimension

28th February 2021

  • Added access to all customer documents from the customer card/list Factbox

  • Added the ability to view comments of archived documents, such as jobsheets

  • Added customer category to markups, sales prices, and discounts

  • Purchase Orders & Purchase Return Orders will now auto re-open when released

  • Added a restriction to stop users from accidentally correcting a posted sales invoice instead of a posted jobsheet

  • Added the ability to filter vehicle list by booking date for bulk SMS / data export

  • Changed the jobsheet line checker icon to a 🚩

  • Added the ability to print a posted sales credit memo

  • Added the ability to have a default location code selected on an item card

  • Added Awaiting Parts and Awaiting Advisor tiles to Estimates

  • Added a Jobsheets Requires Parts Ordering tile

Power BI Updates

New Features

  • Added the ability to filter all reports by customer category, or exclude certain customer categories from all reports giving more accurate average values.

  • Added Cost of goods sold to Day/Week/Month and Year Analysis reports

  • Added a date picker to the stock analysis report

New reports

Monthly Trends - A report that shows you your VI Rate, VIE Rate, Authorisation Rate, Average Invoice Value, Profit Margin, and Technician Efficiency on a single page side by side.

Advisor Embed - This is a report designed for the embed feature that can also be shared with your staff, it displays limited service advisor data, such as NPS Score, Sales, Average Invoice and Margins.

WIP & Future Bookings Embed - This report is designed to be shared with staff, it offers a simple view of your work in progress and future bookings

To learn how to publish reports so staff can access them without having access to the app please watch this short video - https://youtu.be/55jOZQQ2gS4

Customer List - This report is a simple list of your customers with lots of details designed to be exported to excel, such as last visit date, last visit location, last service advisor, last service type, total sales & GP and much more.

BDM Analysis - This report is designed to give you a detailed analysis of customers that are within a particular category, you can drill down to an individual customer and see their performance over time, including the last visit date.

BDM Spend - A report designed to give you a clear view of any customers within a particular category that may be reducing in spend, allowing you to act fast.

BDM Fleet - This report allows you to drill down on a particular customer within a category and see the sales performance of each of their individual vehicles.

We hope you enjoyed our winter round-up, we have some exciting features and developments coming over the next few months 😊