What's New Jan '19 part II

Please find the second part of the developments created in Garage Hive app over the last couple of weeks. There's a video and a feature list below.

1 - Update to the TCard system, now works in conjunction with the schedule and can be updated from the header of a jobsheet. You can also update the status of the TCard/Jobsheet by dragging the job on the TCard system.

2 - Email/SMS reminders for booking date reminders now active in the system.

3 - Technician confirmed button now automatically assigns the labour allocation to the resource(technician) that ticks the button.

4 - Bug fix - Schedule popup now works permanently

5 - Added access to the VHC from the vehicle inspection.

6 - Schedule search has been added, search via registration, customer name, job number, key number or make & model.

7 - Added a warning when a user accidentally tries to post a purchase order with a zero value line.

8 - Added date, time and user ID stamps to comments.

9 - MOT History can now be accessed from a technicians device.

10 - Added a popup warning to tell the user when the vehicle has an expired MOT or is expiring soon.

11 - Added a new method of purchasing, users can now push parts to a jobsheet even if the purchase order was created independently and not from a jobsheet.

Our developers are constantly listening to the community and improving the software. Please check back in a couple of weeks for the 1st roundup of February.