Xero API integration now Live

Although Garage Hive has a built in accountancy system as it is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we appreciate that moving both management software and accountancy software at the same time can be tough. This is why we have developed an API integration with Xero.

An API integration is better than a standard export as this allows Garage Hive and Xero to communicate directly - meaning you do not have to export and import CSV files.

The integration includes the ability to synchronise both purchase and sales ledgers, including Invoices, credits and even payments.

Invoices such as rent and utility bills can also be entered onto Garage Hive and exported to Xero, meaning Xero can be left exclusively for Bank reconciliation and month end journals.

The following transactions can be exported.

  • Customer Invoices

  • Customer Credit Memos

  • Customer Payments

  • Customer Refunds

  • Vendor Invoices

  • Vendor Credit memos

There is also the concept of New and All transactions within a date range, meaning back posted invoices won't get lost in the system and left behind.

Running the export will export all customers and vendor information related to the exported transactions, keeping Xero up to date with your latest data.

For more information on how the export works, please watch our How-to video below or follow the link to our documentation website


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