2nd Generation Online Booking

Front-end simplicity and back-end intelligence is the philosophy behind 2nd generation Online Booking from Garage Hive.

  • Works with any website

  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

  • Completely integrated

  • Automated SMS and e-mail confirmations

  • Detailed Power BI reports

  • Automated scheduling

  • Automated jobsheet creation

  • Automated customer matching


Customers can book multiple items at the same time. All the services offered are based on service packages within Garage Hive. 


Connect service packages together to allow customers to select additional services. 


Depending on the services your customer selects, Garage Hive will automatically establish your available capacity based on your schedule and present the available times to your customer. 

date time.PNG

Minimal data collection is designed to increase conversion rates. 

Data collection.PNG

Fully automated customer matching and jobsheet creation. Jobsheets are populated with the booking items and customer comments. 


Automated schedule allocation creation. 


Automated SMS and e-mail confirmation for your customers.


A "bookings to review" tile has been added to the service advisors role centre, making all staff aware of any new online bookings. E-mail confirmations can also be sent to staff. 


Create custom prices based on Vehicle Model, Vehicle Type, Fuel Type, Production Year, Engine Capacity and Branch. You can also add specific vehicle make exclusions to service packages, allowing you to exclude a specific type of vehicle from being booked in.


Powerful reports and analytics including conversion rates, confirmed bookings, abandoned bookings and service types all built into the Garage Hive Power BI App.  

Online booking analytics.PNG

Try it for yourself below.